Vehicle Window Vent


Vehicle Window Vent

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Great for keeping your vehicle cool.
Great for that added ventilation at night time while camping in your van.

To keep your dog safe whilst traveling in your vehicle. the vehicle window vent ensures your dog can get plenty of fresh air without the danger of an open window. The vent discourages your dog from leaning out the window and risk falling out. The vent’s universal fitting makes it easy to install.

Small size folded 24 x 11.5 cm
Large size folded 24 x 18 cm

3rd photo is back window on a double cab Foton Ute – a large window suited to the large size.
4th photo is back window on a double cab Nissan Navara – a split window, suited to the small size

Extend the window vent to fit the width of your window.
Lower the window and place the vent on the window so that the single prongs are facing upwards to fit into the window channel
Raise the window up slowly, ensuring that the single prongs slot into the window channel at the top. Do not overtighten. With electric windows do this slowly.

Please, note this is not intended as a security device.
If your window curves down at the top it may not work.

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