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Silicone Lick Pad – Paw


Silicone Lick Pad – Paw

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Silicone Dog Lick Pad with textured Paw shape for pet bathing, grooming and training.

Spread your dog’s favourite food on the surface, stick to the and smooth surface wall (suction disc on the back) and let your dog lick away.
Perfect for dog-safe peanut butter, yoghurt, mashed bananas, lay on a tray and pour broth & freeze, add frozen veggies for added texture.

Refrigerate or freeze for longer-lasting refreshing entertainment in the summer.

Easy to scrub clean (if your pet doesn’t) and wash or put through the dishwasher.

Can also work with cats.

Size: 14.5cm diamater approx
Material: 100% food-safe silicone material

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